Backup Assistant assistance needed

I'm new to the world of blackberry and thought I was pretty smart but "backup assistant" is driving me nuts.  I have a BB Curve 8530 and my husband has a BB Curve 8330.  I am trying to download backup assistant on our phones and cannot find the right icon.  The directions on the Verizon website direct me to look for  "get it now" which is not on either phone or "media" and the "media" on our phones do not have "backup assistant" listed for download.  If anyone can help, I would surely appreciate it.

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Re: Backup Assistant assistance needed
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Backup Assistant doesn't work for Blackberry. Those instructions are for feature-phones only. You'll have to find another method to transfer over the contacts from your old phone.


Directly on the Backup Assistant website you can find instructions for transfering your contacts to a Blackberry. It starts by giving you instructions on how to first backup your contacts on your old phone, so you can skip that if you've done it already. It's a pretty good walk through and helps teach you some basic functions of the Blackberry Desktop Manager.


I prefer a different method. You can follow the same steps outlined in the link to download your contacts to a .CSV file. However, instead of using Outlook, I import them directly to my Gmail account. Then on your Blackberry you need to download Google Sync. On your phone's browser go to and select Blackberry. Install, validate your Gmail account and all your contacts (and calendar) will sync with your phone.


I like the Gmail method better because it acts as an active backup. It looks for changes daily and automatically backs them up. If you use Blackberry Desktop Manager you have to sync everything manually. Who does things manually anymore?