Backup File Can't Find it!!!



When I upgraded my BB storm I assumed it created a backup file.  Now when I want to restore information I can't find it.  Where is the file? 

Can someone help?

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Go to your desktop Mgr. and click on back up or restore. It should show up when you ask it to restore. If not then back it up again and pay attention where it is auto saving your backups. When I click on mine to restore it opens alist of backups I have made it is stored under BB backup data 9-21-09 and then there is every back up I ever made, as well as the loader when I installed a new OS.


Thanks what happened phone stopped working and so I decided to upgrade it.  This is the only way it rebooted.  I couldn't create a backup before the upgrade, therefore I lost all information.  When I started upgrade it indicated a backup file but when I try to restore there is no file.  Thanks any ways.





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You can try this nxalfaro,


You Desktop Manager or (AppLoader) software will typically generate a file know as a LoaderBackup.ipd file.

The format will correlate to the date that you managed to upgrade/downgrade your OS on the device in question. 

The format will be as such. LoaderBackup-(2010-4-19) IPD File.


What I would suggest is to run a search from the search option located from the start window of your PC.

 You will be prompted for a search query. "What do you want to search for?". Select "All Files and Folders" In the top field labeled "All or part of the file name" type in LoaderBackup. Then navigate to the more advanced options tab. In the first field labled "Type of File" type in .ipd. and be sure to select the box that says search hidden files and folders.


Try that and let us know if you were able to find a copy of your backup.