Backup File Can't Find it!!!


...this is regarding the Backup File's default location on my PC___ the Software Upgrade app is pretty snazzy but it does not give me a choice of local backup file location:..;

.1) cannot find any, is my cell's version of backup without PC still working?

2) which  back-up executable will trump the other? is it time-stamp based?......

3) which will take precedence: the cell software or my online back-up or Software updater or /Verizon Wireless?

Ultimately I need to save my data...BB software is sooo good for this kind of thing. My LGExtrovert has a long way to go.

...many drop the cells in the commode- mine in my coffee!!  ugh!  I am a student and really cannot afford to buy anything so I am in "due diligence" mode...

Thank you for your time.



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