Backup assistant not working? Contacts not showing up online

I have seen the posts from a year or so ago.  Is this still an issue?


My phone got torched and I used the data on line to restore it.  Most of the info was changed however, so I updated my phone manually, then went to backup assistant and deleted everything to start fresh.


My phone says it has backed up, but data not showing up on line?  Any ideas?

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Re: Backup assistant not working? Contacts not showing up online
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Hi skatko:


I've handled this issue a ton of times, and I have found a consistent fix.  There may be an issue when mass-deleting contacts on either end, so here's what I always recommend when your phone has all of the contacts in it:


1)Sign out of the website.

2) Remove Backup Assistant from the phone (Media Center> Browse & Download> Backup Assistant (highlight)> Options>

     Cancel Subscription> Confirm.

3) Redownload Backup Assistant to the phone. 

4) After downloading Backup Assistant, it should detect your phone number.

5) When it asks you to enter your PIN, press # (don't press OK to have PIN sent to your phone).

6) Press # again to be set up as a new subscriber. 

7) Press OK to confirm being set up as a new user. 

😎 Follow steps for initial setup.

9) After backup confirms, give it up to 24 hours (generally doesn't take that long), and check the site to find them on there. 


This will create a fresh backup of your contacts stored in the phone and overwrite/delete any previous phone back ups. 


Try that out and post your results when you have some time.