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Battery Life

I have had nothing but patathetic battery life out of the Z10. I really think it is Verizon's network not the Z10. Below is what I have tried.

I did a battery drain test, By: Turning airplane mode on, setting the screen resolution to the highest setting and using Battery Guru as a testing method. I then got 12.1 hours of battery life and the battery condition is 98% a good battery (after doing Battery Guru's battery life formula). However at work my network connection jumps from no network found to 4GLTE, so the phone is constantly looking for signal, however i am lucky to get 6 hours out of the battery. This is with setting everything off but the network connection and having one email only sync every 4 hours and the other 2 every 24 hours. My co-worker which has a Z10 as well but on T-Moble can get 10+ hours doing the exact same thing at work. I thought Verizon was way better than T-Moble, i'm not seeing it, what gives? how can i get better network signal?

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