BlackBerry 8530 - Memory Card Problem

Has any one used Quick pull and had problems with it?

Have not had my Blackberry8530 very long and it has only been backed up twice.  Quick pull was set up to run at midnight on Saturday and the time before last it changed my profile and moved my applications. This last Saturday not only did it move apps and change my profile but it has cleared my memory card.  All my pic's have been removed from my SD card and ring tones that I had downloaded. There were a few pics that remained!?!? Not sure why it removed my pics and ring tones to begin with and yet not all of them.  I had 2 yars worth of pictures on there.  My husband took my blackberry and restored it to the previous back up and the pics were not on the back up either (as far as we could tell)  we also tried to use a program called Pandora Recovery that was rated 5 stars for recovering pics and files on SD cards and digital camera memory cards. This did not work either.  Has anyone had problems with Quickpull, or losing pictures out of the clear blue from an SD card?  Are my pics hiding on the device somewhere or on the back-up?  Can my pics ever be found again or are they gone forever?  Oh and before anyone asks Quickpull did not have permission to the "user" or profiles and the memory card was not formatted.  Can anyone help?  I heart broken over these pics!!!

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