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BlackBerry Bluetooth will not ENABLE

I have a BlackBerry Tour 9630. This is my second Tour. The first one was paired with my Bluetooth, a Plantronics V520.


I would like to connect the Tour and the Bluetooth. However, my BlackBerry will not ENABLE the Bluetooth option.


I went to Manage Connections and when I just click the Bluetooth, it greys out the word "Bluetooth" and the Red X remains.. Under Set Up Bluetooth it says "Bluetooh: Disabled" and when I click all the options (Enable Bluetooth and Add Device) it says it is "Enabling Bluetooth" but nothing happens and it goes back to the blank screen with "Bluetooh: Disabled" on it.


I have done a battery pull, simple shut down, and tried to put my Bluetooth in search mode during the process and nothing has happened. I looked around for a solution for this but nothing has come up.. Thanks for any help!

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Re: BlackBerry Bluetooth will not ENABLE
Verizon Employee

Listed below are directions to pair your phone with the bluetooth  you have. I have also listed the link to our websites bluetooth information and additional help.




Step 1 - Enable Bluetooth functionality on the Blackberry Tour (9630).
Note: The Bluetooth power must be set to ON position to pair the device.

  • From the main screen, press Blackberry/Menu Key.
  • Scroll to and press Manage Connections.
  1. Press Bluetooth (A checkmark in the bluetooth field represents that bluetooth is on.)
Step 2 - Put your fully charged Bluetooth headset into pairing mode.

  1. Start with your Bluetooth accessory powered off.
  2. Press Call Control Button and hold for 2 seconds and release when light indicator flashes blue and red. 
  3. Your Bluetooth accessory is now in pairing mode and ready to be paired with your handset

Step 3 - Pair the Blackberry Tour (9630) with a Bluetooth Accessory.

  1. From the main screen, press Blackberry/Menu Key.
  2. Scroll to Set Up 
  3. Press Set up Bluetooth
  4. Place accessory in pairing mode. See accessory pairing instructions.
  5. Display show Add Device: Press Search to search for devicesl
    Phone displays Searching For Devices.
  6. Select XXXAccessory NameXXX, press trackball to select
    Phone displays Waiting For XXXAccessory NameXXX.
    Phone displays Enter numeric passkey For XXXAccessory NameXXX.
  7. Enter 0000 and press the enter key (See accessory instructions as passcode may vary.)
  8. Phone displays Pairing complete.  Connect to XXXAccessory NameXXX?
  9. Press Yes
    Phone displays Waiting For XXXAccessory NameXXX.
    Phone displays Connection to XXXAccessory NameXXX succeeded