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Hi, all,


I have seen a few posts in the community with users asking what is the best way to backup their contacts and other data.  While there are a few ways to backup your data, one easy to use application can do that for you as well as protect your device.  That would be Blackberry Protect (see for more info).  I thought I would give you my two cents on the subject.


Have you ever laid your device down, say at work, get home and wonder where your device is located?  One of the features of Blackberry Protect is locating your device.  You can log into the Blackberry Protect website and locate your device.  This is provided you activated the location option when you installed the Blackberry Protect application on your device and have GPS turned on.  I recently tested the feature and it found my device to within 5 meters.  This was inside my home.  Keep in mind walls and other features may alter the ability to zero in on your device as close as mine did.  Another feature is a loud ringtone that can be sent to your device.  It is the most annoying, loud set of ringtones I have ever heard, reminding me of a cat with its tail underneath a rocking chair. 


Other features of the application include backing up of crucial data, such as contacts and calendar information.  This is done wirelessly.  This is a feature many Blackberry users have been facing towards Waterloo, Canada, and praying for from RIM over the past few years.  If you have to reset your device, you can easily restore your contacts and calendar info with ease wirelessly.  Also, if you have a new device, you can transfer the data to the new device in a snap. 


There are a few more bells and whistles, but those are the main features I like.  One of the best features of Blackberry Protect is its  As we say here in Mississippi, you can't beat that with a stick.  I just wanted to weigh in with my thoughts on a great little app you might want to consider.  If you have any experience with the app or want to give your opinion, please feel free to do so. 


Now, all we need from RIM is some new Blackberry models.  I like my Bold 9650, but I'm ready for the Bold Touch 9930.  Maybe we should face towards Waterloo again...





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Let me just second Doc's post - BB Protect was one of the first apps I downloaded on my Bold, and it works just as advertised. I've set it up to backup automatically once a week, which it does without me thinking about it. And you can manually backup at any time if you want.

You can send a message to the screen from your computer; you can remotely LOCK the device or even wipe it to prevent unauthorized use if it is out of your hands, and the locate feature is very cool.

The only caveat is you have to INSTALL IT and have it running BEFORE you need it!! It's FREE, so just go get it, use it, NOW!