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BlackBerry Storm2 won't pair with Lexus

My husband and I both have BlackBerry Storm 2's and neither of them will pair with our Lexus. It is very frustrating because we have tried everything to get these phones to work with the Bluetooth in the car. We have upgraded, downloaded and exchanged and nothing is working.


We went to the site that tells which phones are compatible and the list says it is. But it isn't! Help, please!

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Re: BlackBerry Storm2 won't pair with Lexus

Hello there,

I work for Lexus an d would like to help you out. What kind of car do you have and what year?

Re: BlackBerry Storm2 won't pair with Lexus

The compatibility of the Bluetooth for Lexus models can be viewed on our website Once on the page you can type in the search bar “Bluetooth”, which will give you several options on Bluetooth support. The best article listed for compatibility will be "Bluetooth® Car Kit/Accessory Support Matrix"

Once you have selected the link you will need to select your model number and manufacture of the device. The link will take you to a .PDF file which will show the compatibility of Bluetooth with your handset manufacture (Blackberry), and your car’s manufacture (Lexus).

I have listed the link below for your convenience.**** Information regarding Bluetooth(R) capabilities for the cars listed below has been provided by the handset manufacturer, and has not been independently verified by Verizon Wireless.

I have also listed the instructions to ensure that your Blackberry is put into pairing modes for Bluetooth.

    • From the Home screen, press the Menu button.
    • Select Options.
    • Select Bluetooth.
    • Press the Menu button then select Options.
    • Select the current setting in the Discoverable field.
    • Select the desired option (yes for Discovery mode)
    • Press the Menu button then select Save.


I have also listed the link (below) that provides a visual to the options given above.


I would recommend contacting the manufacture (Blackberry) for any questions concerning the Bluetooth capabilities with your Lexus. I have listed the link to the manufacture contact us section below:


I hope this information was helpful.