BlackBerry® Tour™ 9630 • SMS 160 Characters 1/6 MSGS

I know that GSM/HSDPA/UMTS/EDGE etc... allow their customers to send SMS messages from any of their devices, including but not limited to the line-up of the Research In Motion BlackBerry® Smartphones. however I find it very nice that those subscribers to  those wireless networks may use SMS messaging with the ability to send multiple messages from one or 1/6 pages of 140 or 160 characters in each SMS Message.


I own a BlackBerry® Tour™ 9630 and sometimes because I just like to see what my phone is capable of, I will switch the mobile network band to GSM/UMTS and I even try to compose messages when on GSM/UMTS mode. When I do this, I notice that the message length has changed because of network based or network band based capabilities that allow the BlackBerry® user to compose a single SMS message and if its greater than 160 characters it will continue the user to type and send that single message and the network will break the 160+ characters into separate messages. For example I compose a message that is 180 characters long that will be determined as 2/6 pages of 160 characters each. The network sends the message to the specified recipients as two pages because there are more than 160 characters.


I know the system for Verizon Wireless (standard mobile phones only) that you can send more than 160 characters and up to 7 pages to "IN" or other Verizon Wireless customers only. BlackBerry® Smartphones cannot sent "IN" messages with unlimited characters, because it is not Verizon Wireless's standard mobile phone OS/firmware.


My question is...

Will Verizon Wireless allow this option ever? I am not satisfied that I have to always re send a new message and I think it would be a great feature to all of the BlackBerry® Smartphone users to be able to send a single message and if it is more than 160 characters to be broken down automatically. Sprint PCS has al ready started to support this feature. Also Sprint PCS allows multiple messages to be broken down automatically no matter what network a customer is sending a message to. This would be a great new feature to all customers no matter if Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry®, or standard mobile phones so we can send as long messages to anyone on any network. 


Im not satisfied or happy because of this. But I know you Verizon Wireless are also not happy because I'm not as happy with America's largest 3G Wireless Network


"We're not happy, unless you are with America's largest 3G Wireless Network"

~Verizon Wireless


Is there anything you can tell me about this topic?

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