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Blackbeery Users left in the cold!

As a 15+ year Verizon customer, I am very disappointed that no new Blackberry devices are currently being offered.  I have a Storm 2, which aside from WiFi is essentially the same as the original Storm.  AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile all have Blackberry devices with the 6.0 OS - Verizon clearly has the best service quality (Calls & Data), but is sorely lacking in updated devices. 


Every thing is about Droid..which Android is a great OS, however, some of your customers need work email and work for companies with very tight restrictions - it's Blackberry or nothing.


For the 1st time in 15 years, I am seriously considering switching to another carrier, which makes me wonder how many other Verizon customers share my sentiment.  What's the point of having a new LTE network and no smartphones to take advantage of the technology.


I realize as a consumer it's my choice to leave and Verizon's choice to advise when new products are coming out; but if no new Blackberry devices are released by the 1st of the year....Verizon will have 1 less customer.

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Re: Blackbeery Users left in the cold!
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If you are looking for a Blackberry with OS6 then i suggest the Bold 9650.  It was designed to use the new Operating System and is a great BB (IMO).  I am running my 9650 with OS (leaked version) and it works great.

Re: Blackbeery Users left in the cold!

Thanks for the tip.  :smileyhappy:   It gives me an option to think about.