Blackberry 8330 Syncing issues

I have been trying to sync my phone for the past week and each and every time I attempt it I get an error message saying that Yahoo is inaccesible at this time and try back in a few minutesI talked to Tech Support and they referred me to Blackberry and still have yet to reach anyone at Blackberry without having to payI REFUSE TO PAY for thisI have never had an issue syncing my phoneI even updated my Desktop Manager Software and still no luckSo I uninstalled the software and reinstalled it thinking that it would help, but still no luckI just want my phone to sync so that all of my contacts are up to datePLEASE HELP!!!!!!

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Re: Blackberry 8330 Syncing issues
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I have listed an article and steps below that will help in syncing your Yahoo contacts with your Blackberry device.

***Before following the steps below I would recommend a soft reset of your device. A soft reset is where you would remove the battery for a few moments, and place the battery back in the device. The device will power up automatically.

***I would also recommend resetting your current Synchronization settings (on the Blackberry Desktop Manager) to ensure the proper steps are taken. To do this, follow the steps below:

-Connect the device to the computer using the USB cable / cradle.
-Open BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
-Click on Synchronize
-Click on Synchronization on the left hand side
-Click the “Reset configuration” button.
The article below is the step by step set up for your synchronization with Yahoo. The article will show Calendar on step 6 and Outlook on step 7. Change this to Contacts on step 6 and Yahoo on step 7.Replace Outlook with Yahoo following the remaining steps.

I have also listed the advance settings below for your convenience.***may not be necessary


I hope this helps! :smileyhappy: