Blackberry 8530 and BMW Bluetooth Problem

I have a 2006 328i and a BB 8530 phone.  I previously had the BB 8330 and it worked flawlessly with the bluetooth in the car.  With the new phone there is so much static and background noise that the phone is unusable in the car.  People can't hear me well enough for me to use it.


I did some research and found it mentioned that a recent Verizon update caused this problem.  I have no control over updates on my phone since it is owned by my company.


Is there anything I can do so that I am able to fix this problem and use the 8530 in my car?  My company suggested a cell tower update (*228) which I have done but it has not improved the situation.  The bluetooth works fine with a headset by the way... it sounded bad with the headset before the *228 but improved afterwards.


Any help is greatly appreciated.  I don't want to have to swap out the phone, or worse yet the provider!!  My company also has a contract with AT&T but they drop calls all over the place.



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