Blackberry 9650 Bold connection problem

I would say that over 75% of the time I try to connect to the internet , the progress bar takes fairly long to move across the bottom (this last time was literally three minutes) then I get a message that there has been a communication failure, and that the server may be busy, etc.  try again later.  Anyone might know a fix for this?   THX in advance!

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Re: Blackberry 9650 Bold connection problem
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I have provided some information below that may help.


Step 1 – Clear out the temporary internet files, cookies, etc. ***Please be advised some cookies contain customized preference and logon information for previously visited websites. Once deleted, the website may prompt for this information again.


Instructions given below:


***If you are getting a data connection you should have a 3G (with four little dots after it) on the top right-hand corner. (WiFi should be turned off)

***If you do not have the 3G (with four little dots after) indication, then skip to Step 3.


Step 2 – Send a register now message (If you have a data connection)


Instructions given below:


Step 3 – Perform a soft reset (pulling the battery out for a few seconds, and inserting it back in)


Instructions given below:


***A fair number of Blackberry issues can be solved by a soft reset.


I hope this helps.