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I recently upgraded to the Bold from the Curve.  How do I get my Bold to ring?  I went to the Sounds and Ringtone and selected my ringtone, but I get an error message "Invalid ring tone selected, please make another choice".  I get this error message for every ring tone and notification.

How do I get a notification sound when I receive an email?

Things were much easier to setup with the Curve.

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First, you must remember that only certain type of audio files can be used on a Blackberry for a ringtone.  Examples of the file types you can use are .wav and .mp3 files.  To set up ringtones, do the following:

To change the default ringtone on your Blackberry for your main phone ringer, go to Sounds>Scroll down to Edit Profiles.  Click on Normal.  For this example we are changing the main ringtone when you get a call.  Select Phone.  By default, your cursor will be where we need it, on Ringtone.  Press the trackpad and scroll through some of the ringers.  When you find one you like, click on it.  Then, scroll down to volume and select how loud you want it, 10 being the loudest and silent with no sound.  Play sound select Always and you will get the ringer when you device is either in the holster or out.  Keep LED to ON so you will also have the flashing red light when you get a call.  For now, skip vibration.  At the bottom, click Try It and it will be demonstrated for you how loud and the type ringtone you selected.  Press the Menu key (to the left of the trackpad) and press save.  Now if you want to be notified by ringtone of an email, scroll down to Messages and click to expand.  If you only have one email address associated with your device, you can click on it to change the ringtone, otherwise, select the email address you want to change.  Using the instructions I gave for changing the Phone's main ringtone above, change the ringtone alert for this email address in the same way.  Remember to press the menu button and save when finished.  If you have more than one email account you want to change, you will have to change each one individually.  When you have finished changing the ringtone sounds of everything you want to change, press the escape button (to the right of the trackpad) and you will be back to the main screen.  That is all you have to do to change the ringtones.  You can set up a custom sound profile if you want and make each part of the custom profile suited to your taste.  You can call it what ever you want.  To create a custom sound profile, do the following:

1. Click the Menu key.

2. Go to Profiles and click

3. On the Select a Sound Profile, scroll down to Custom Profiles and click

4. Click Add Custom Profile

5. Give it a name (whatever you want..I'll Use Factory Floor)

6. Scroll down to Phone and click

7. On Volume, Change the default Normal Setting to 10 (the loudest)

8. Go to Vibration and click Custom

9. Now we are going to make it vibrate with the ringer. Change Length to Long.

10. change Count to 3 (you can play with this if you want...that's why this is custom)

11. Go to In/Out of Holster and change to In and Out: (This will make it do what you want if the Blackberry is either in your hand or in your holster.

12. Press the Menu key.

13. Select Save

14. Select Save again.

Now from your Select a Sound Profile from Step 3, you will see Factory Floor as an option. Click that one and it will become the active profile. To go back to your normal profile, select Normal.

Remember, if you want to use your custom sound profile, all you have to do is go to Sounds and click on the name of the profile you want. 

I hope this helps you in setting up custom sounds for your Blackberry.  Let me know if you need anything else.

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if you're still within your warranty, i suggest returning the bold ASAP. i've had mine since september and i am on my third one. they drop calls in places i NEVER had issues with my curve. i've had the speaker go out, failed name it. it does get email in a timely fashion. nevertheless, i wish i had exchanged the first one for another type of phone instead of accepting the "defective phone" response. Three blackberry bolds later, i seem to be stuck with it and verizon is telling me that my only option (since this was my upgrade) is to buy a brand new or like new phone.


best of luck with yours.