Blackberry App World Update
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Hi, all,

An update for Blackberry App World has just been released.  The new version is  It can be downloaded directly from Blackberry at their website from your Blackberry device.  I'm not sure of what exactly has been updated, but hopefully, it will run a little smoother for some folks who had problems with it in the past.  If you have never used Blackberry App World, it is chocked full of applications for your device, many free for download.  Check it out if you are looking for a particular app. 


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Re: Blackberry App World Update

Where exactly are we finding this application after we upgrade? I clicked upgrade YESTERDAY. Since then I have rebooted my blackberry 3 times, and blackberry app world is no where to be find. I unhide all my icons, it is not in the download folder. If I hit the application central icon it is there, but I cannot access it, it says, "downgrade" under blackberry app world.