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My blackberry 8330 just died on me, but I received a replacement blackberry through insurance in the mail. When I received my replacement phone they turned off my original one. My original phone didn't have "backup assistant" on it and now because it is turned off, I can no longer download blackberry apps (like backup assistant) on it. Am I totally out of luck when it comes to putting my contacts/pictures/etc on my new phone? Any ideas???

Any help/thoughts/etc is greatly appreciated!!

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If you have been backing up your Blackberry to your computer you should be OK  You can just restore the most recent backup from the Blackberry Desktop Manager. 

If not, you are probably out of luck unless you can get your dead phone to work.


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Depends on how 'dead' your BB is. What exactly do you mean 'died'? If it is 'alive' enough to reactivate, you can do that online at My Verizon. It takes just a few minutes. You could then use Backup Assistant to back up your contacts. Re-activate your new BB and download contacts. Backup Assistant is a free service. Alternately, you could take both BBs to a Verizon store and they'll do it for you. Good Luck!