Blackberry Bold 9650 Freezes Up When Adding Contacts

If someone could help me with this....I have gone through 3 blackberries so far.  My first (8330) stopped working altogether.  My second one (8330) I could only make calls by using speaker phone.  I now have the Bold 9650. 


Tonight it started freezing up when I wanted to add a contact.  I turned off the phone took out the battery for a minute put it back in and it said "Uncaught Exception-Address Book Error This Process Has Been Terminated."


I tried clicking add contact I tried doing the number first then clicking on add contact and it does the same thing. 


I then found on another forum to try using the desktop manager and restoring my files on my phone.  This didn't work either...


Any help would be appreciated.


I only have 20 contacts on my address I am not overloaded with those.



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Re: Blackberry Bold 9650 Freezes Up When Adding Contacts
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You have tried the first thing I was going to suggest...a battery pull.  However, you stated that did not work for you.  It sounds like your software on your device is corrupt.  You probably need to reload your software.  To do so, follow the instrucitons in the attached .pdf file with this post.  Good luck,