Blackberry Bold 9650 rebooting ?

Hello   I am a bit new to this and have a question regarding my sons phone. This phone has always worked well with no problems.

On Aug 1st we called Verizon and advised he was traveling to Europe. We chose to communicate via email when he was able to use a wireless conneciton so we didn't have alot of extra charges on our bill.  The rep had us remove the Simm card and reinsert it. He then had him update it by pushing *228 Option 1.   All went well during the 8 day  trip. When he arrived back in the US, I called Verizon to let them know and to see if there was anything we needed to do, and I was told nothing needed to be done.  The phone worked fine for 4 days. Today the phone started 'rebooting' and a red light was flashing.  Verizon says we should have updated it when he arrived back in the U.S by again going to *228 Option 1 - but we did not know that.  I was told tonight that the phone is now useless and we can purchase another one.   Is the phone now useless ?  Thank you for any help on this.   MC

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Re: Blackberry Bold 9650 rebooting ?
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Mrtc4, I understand your concern and I’m here to help!

Is your son still having issues with his phone? What issues is he having with the phone? Is he able to access data? Can he make and receive calls?

Try turning the device radio "off" and back "on" to restore data services using the following instructions:

From the main menu screen, select Manage Connections
Scroll to and select Mobile Network
Verify that the radio is Off (Antenna in upper right hand corner of the screen should have the word OFF next to it)
Scroll to and select Mobile Network again to turn the radio back on and restore data services
Exit the Manage Connections screen by pressing the back key

If he is still having issue with the phone, have him reboot by removing the battery for a few minutes and retest.

Keep me posted.

John B

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