Blackberry Bold 9930 Deleting Messages

I've had a BB 9930 for well over a year, but during the last 5 months, it has started deleting all my emails & text messages on a regular basis.  It appears to happen on Tuesdays around 3pm.  It happened on a Wed one time too.

All my setting are forever, like always.  I used to have as many as 12,00+ messages on my phone at a given time, but now i can barely get to 800-900 before everything gets deleted.

Verizon & even Blackberry are clueless.  I thought I narrowed it down to my Application Storage space, which would get low just before things happened, but I don't know why?  I only have Weather app & nothing else extra.  Why is it doing this on a regualr schedule?

Is there some type of app doing an updrade weekly?  Why can't Verizon & Blackberry figure it out?

Any ideas?

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Re: Blackberry Bold 9930 Deleting Messages
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How often do you do a battery pull?  I used Quick Pull once a week, sometimes more often if the phone (BB Bold 9650) seemed to be acting up.

Do you have saved BBM, or text messages, in addition to the emails? Are you using the micro SD card for storing as much as you can?