Blackberry Bold 9930 touch screen doesn't disable during a call

I am on my 4th or 5th blackberry.  Always liked them and their format.  Screen and keyboard without having to open, thin design, lightweight, use for business and personal, use primarily to link with outlook calendar, contacts, etc. and phone mostly for voice calls but texting has become more prevalent with many of my associates.

I resisted touch screen phone options for a few years until Blackberry came out with one.

Now I am even more against touch screen after having one for about a year.

I can't say every, but at least every other call as I hold the phone up to my ear to have a conversation, I inadvertantly get beep and/or dialing, and/or mute or speaker enabled, and/or beeps and calendar opens up or camera takes a photo of the dashboard of my car.

The friggin touchscreen doesn't disable during a call and in order to talk to someone I hold the phone up to the side of my head, where my ears are located.  Immediatly in front of my ears are my cheeks.  The cheek touches the touch screen and triggers any number of functions the the touch screen is meant for.  But WHY during calls!  I should be able to have a conversation with someone since this is first and foremost a phone.  Will someone please tell me if there is a setting or a process to disable the touch screen during a call?  The folks at the local Verizon store took it and changed some settings and I left with a smile on my face.  They next morning during a call, it started dialing the last cal I made the previous evening.  The next call the mute turned on and they couldn't hear me on the other end.  A couple of calls later, the speaker kicked on during a call.  Do I have a lemon?  Is this a software design issue?  Is there a fix?  Do I go back to a beeper and a bag phone?  I'd appreciate any insight.  To put it mildly, it really pisses me off!

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Re: Blackberry Bold 9930 touch screen doesn't disable during a call
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This sounds more like user error rather than the phone being faulty. Rule of thumb treat your BlackBerry like garbage and you will in return receive garbage back. When I place phone calls I've never had this issue. Even with a screen protector over it. You might even want to try that. Use a screen protector/remove the one that's currently on there if you have one currently on the phone. It could be interfering with the sensitivity of the screen. Or why not try calibrating the screen?