Blackberry Bold Problems

My daughter is on her 3rd Blackberry phone due to freezing and drainiing battery issues.  We have asked Verizon to upgrade her to a different phone but they want to keep sending her the refurbished ones because she has the insurance plan.  We have done this 2 times already and she keeps having the same problems. We have been customers for 20years and they will not even consider doing a new phone upgrade.  So much for loyalty counting for something.

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Re: Blackberry Bold Problems
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Sorry to hear about your problems with the Blackberry Bold.  I have a Bold 9650 from Verizon Wireless, and from time to time, I will remove the battery and allow the device to reboot.  This usually takes care of any freezing issues.  As far as battery drain, I make sure I turn off the Wifi connection when I am not connecting to the internet.  My battery will drain pretty fast if I keep both going.  One other thing I did was to make sure I had the latest operating system installed on my Bold.  You can go to to download and install the latest software if you need it. 

These were just a few things I did to make my device run smoother.  I ususally perform a battery pull about once every 3 or 4 days, just to keep things running smoothly.  I hope you get things going on your end.