Blackberry Data Plan

I have an Envy that is showing it's age.  If I buy a Blackberry, can I stay on the same Family Plan without  a data plan?  I don't need BB email and I don't need to surf the web.  Just want to text messaging to be easier because the Envy keyboard is becoming intermittent. 

Also, BB has the capability to send BB messages.  Does that require a data plan?

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Re: Blackberry Data Plan
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When you activate a BlackBerry, you will have to add either the $15 or $29.99 data plan. There' s no way around that ... if you try to activate it without, the $44.99 data plan automatically gets added for your convenience.


If all you want is a phone with QWERTY, there are plenty in the feature phone section now that do not require a data plan. And last, yes, BlackBerry Messenger uses data.