Blackberry Desktop Manager deleted all my music!

I installed the newer Desktop Software in August...prior to this I had put a bunch of songs on that were formally on my Curve.  I never tried to add anymore music until today, and when I went to sync it the message now tells me that most of the music I had on it is "not supported" and it took it off of my device!!  It had been working fine all along, so I'm not sure what happened or why!!  I see it when I open the manager, and after syncing, I see it briefly on my music list, and then it's gone!!  Can I get them back? (they were wv files, not mp3)  Help.

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  I have provided some information below that may help.


Step 1 – If you have a previous backup saved on the Curve, I would recommend trying to restore that backup.


Step 2 – Ensure the songs are placed on the SD card.


Step 3 – Ensure the songs are not controlled by DRM. Files controlled by DRM cannot be copied to the BlackBerry smartphone, and are not recognized on Blackberry smartphones.