Blackberry Engineers are out to lunch

Because of work forcing my use of Blackberry smartphones, I have learned a lot about this Canadian companyThey are not innovativeTheir phones have poor voice qualityThe internal works are poorly designed and cause continous attention by the consumerI have used the 8830, Storm 2 and now the TourThe newer phones are progressively worse then the first BB I was issued.


Blackberry devotees are lost somewhere between dumb land and almost dum landI just spent two hours reading comments about the TourAll responses demonstrate that this phone is poorly designed by the CanadiansA phone should not have to be rebooted daily, every other day or once a week to work properlyThe phone should not have to be charged daily, even when it has not been usedLet alone charged more often on a daily basis because the user made a call or two and used the email program or listened to musicBluetooth should work and not crash after a call comes into the phone.


I am no longer mad at Blackberry for this horrible phone called the TourI am mad at the phone companies that sell these phonesI feel sorry for the Phone Company techs that have to deal with us complaining about the phone because it does not work as promisedI to would be a tech that was gruff if I had to hear customer after customer complain about their phone locking up, needing to be rebooted to work, poor voice quality, apps that need to be reinstalled after a Blackbeery update


I have no doubt that Blackberry will vanish from the phone stores in the futureIf RIM continues to make phones that work like the Storm 2 and the Tour, it will be very soon in the future.


How can you preach how great this company is when you have to reboot your phone dailyAre you dumb?  When I am driving my car and the phone locks up, am I supposed to just attempt to remove the battery while driving and wait the three to five minutes for it to restart


Come on people read your comments about this crappy phone and stop telling people you don't know that this is a great phone



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