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Blackberry Exchange Calendar issue - HELP! TRIED EVERYTHING!

Can anyone help me with a problem with my BB?


Let's say I create an activity in my Outlook calendar or BB calendar to Call Jim Doe @ 3pm. Later I see that I won't have time to call Jim, so on the BB I move the activity to 4pm.  When I look at that activity in my Outlook calendar, it will now show myself as an invited attendee. If I go to move it again, this time in Outlook it asks if I want to send an update to the attendees. There should be any, since its just an activity for myself, and also when it goes to send the update, the TO: field is actually still blank.

My email doesn't show up as an update. If I move the activities in Outlook and don't use the BB there are no issues.  Sherweb is my outsourced vendor for exchange hosting, and apparently I am on BES 101.


What can I try?

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Re: Blackberry Exchange Calendar issue - HELP! TRIED EVERYTHING!
Verizon Employee

Hi leonardmark!  This is tough to respond to because VZW doesn't support Outlook as a rule. However, I can advise from personal experience with Outlook what I think is happening. Outlook has two calendar even options: Calendar entry and Tasks. Each will remind you of an appointment, but only Calendar Entry will offer you the option to add more than one participant (or attendee). If all you're wanting to do is create a reminder about an event, I recommend using Tasks instead of a Calendar Entry.