Blackberry Future Devices

Maybe this has been posted before; if so, I appoligixe, but it is not obvious.  Anyway, my understanding last I heard was that the Storm 3 was dumped when the tourch was released and the Storm 4 was to come out in first quarter 2011.  I can not find any straight info on this from RIM nor Verizon.  Anyone know the scoop? Because if not (and the other blogs I saw on here are true that RIM is producing no new phones), then my owner wants me to take the whole fleet and verizon and bump them both for AT&T and iPhones.  It does not even matter that iPhone is coming to Verizon.  He is tired of the crap from both RIM and VW and this would be the last straw.

I dont think it is the right way to go, nor do I look forward to the work to do it, so please tell me there is something coming real soon, cuz Apple SU...... (is not good at all).

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