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My phone broke so im looking at phones on ebay to get. I saw a blackberry for a really cheap cost and i need to know things about it. If you Do NOT get internet on it, but you get texting and calling on it, do you still have to pay a extra fee?

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You must pay the extra data fee of $29.99/month for a Blackberry, or any 3G Smartphone.  It does not matter if you are not going to use the internet or not, it is not optional.  A lot of folks have complained to the various carriers about the data charges, but it will not change.  All of the carriers require a data fee of some type.  Some, like Sprint, bundle theirs in a package, but you are still paying for it.  Keep in mind, this data charge does not include SMS or MMS text messaging.  You will need to add that on or buy a plan that includes messaging.  I hope this helps answer your questions about 3G Smartphones in general before you make a purchase.  Good luck.