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Blackberry International Plan Device Compatibility Problem w/ Z10/ Q10

I'm hoping Verizon will respond to my post directly and that other users will also describe what their solutions have been.

I'm presently traveling overseas with my Blackberry Q10.

I upgraded to it a few days ago from a Tour before I left after speaking with a Verizon Wireless representative on the phone.

At the time, I made it clear that I wanted to keep my existing Blackberry Unlimited International plan when upgrading to the new handset.

The rep told me it was possible if I activated it by phone when it arrived and spoke with customer service.

I did that and the individual who activated the handset for me also indicated that my plan would not change and I would still have access to my unlimited international service plan with the new device. I used my Q10 in the USA for a day before leaving for Asia.

This was not the case. I arrived overseas and my device didn't work for data at all and received many error messages when I tried. I checked the website and it seemed that an arbitrary new data plan had somehow been assigned to my phone, which also didn't include any International service at all.

I called Verizon Wireless support when the opened at 6am and received an explanation from the staff on the phone that I could only keep my old plan if I didn't take an upgrade incentive and that I would be required to return the handset and then purchase a new one at full retail value.

I'm ok with that since the plan that I have is very important for me, in fact necessary since I'm constantly traveling overseas.

The representative, however, would not be able to do anything with my current handset so I simply had it switched back to the old device (which I didn't take with me).

I contacted my colleague in the USA to assist and visit a Verizon store to buy another handset at full retail, activate it, and mail it to me while I was away.

This did not work either. He's just left the Verizon store and they told him it was not possible to keep my plan at all with any new Blackberry device.

What do I do? Simply keep my old Tour going forever? Why are all the people I speak with telling me something different?

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Re: Blackberry International Plan Device Compatibility Problem w/ Z10/ Q10
Sr. Member
Sr. Member

Hopefully a Verizon employee will step up and give you a definitive answer. My guess is that it's no longer possible to use that legacy plan because the new BB10 devices no longer use BIS. As you may know, BIS compresses data and BB10 does not, so Verizon doesn't want you having that old international unlimited data plan. If you buy your Q10 off contract, you can keep your unlimited domestic data plan.

Whatever you decide to do, you must get your old plan back within 14 days or it's gone forever. If keeping that international plan is your biggest concern, you could consider buying a 9930 off contract.