Blackberry Messenger Lag to UK

Can some one help please...


I am based in the UK and use Blackberry Messenger a lot to talk to a few ppl in Florida, one of whom is my GF..


over the past few weeks I have been getting a lot of lag on in coming IMs.. from 10 - 90 mins.. But my out going IMs are received instantly... Its now an every day event.


My Armerican friends are reporting no issues talking to any one else in the US.. Just like I have no issues talking to others in the UK.. The problem is transatlantic

The Timing of this lag is strange..

Yesterday, talking to the US from 11am - 1pm GMT (6am - 8am EST) was fine

...1pm - 12mid night GMT (8am - 7pm EST) was 10 - 40 mins lag and even repeat messages

....from 12 mid night GMT (7pm EST) on it was perfect again..

So.. before 1pm UK time... not many Americans are talking to brits.. They are asleep.
after Mid night .. not many Brits are talking to the US... we are asleep...


I have spoken to RIM who say its an issue with the networks.. so that is Vodafone for me & Verizon for my US friends

Vodafone (not known for their customer support) say it is not an issue with their servers.. 


Can some one at  Verizon look into this or test their servers ... this is getting so frustrating



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