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Just bought BB and by mistake upgrade to OS6. After learning the OS5 version fairly well, OS 6 is different.  I use an SD card to store all my pictures and music. I also assign photos to frequent callers and specified ring tones. Since the upgrade I am unable to add photos from my SD card. It's like it does not exist. When I connect to pc I see the card and files with no problem. What happened to being able to assign a photo from the sd card without plugging into pc? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Blackberry OS6
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Hi southernmama,


As a suggestion, if your BlackBerry 9330 is having a hard time seeing your Micro SD card, but your computer can see your Micro SD card, perhaps you can transfer all the media from the card to the computer so the data is saved and backup. Then when your are sure all the data that was transferred is saved on your computer, you can format the Micro SD card so it can be seen on your BlackBerry 9330. Please bear in mind that all the data will be lost if your format the Micro SD card. Then you can move all the saved data that you stored on the computer back onto your Micro SD card and try to access the data for performing your desired functions.  





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Backing up data is always a good idea, but wouldn't it stand to reason that if the computer can read the data off the card without issue with the formatting on the card, then the issue is not with the formatting on the card, but a problem with the phone?  Or are you saying that OS6 expects a different partitition type on the card?