Blackberry Pearl Problems

I signed on with Verizon as a new customer in April 2009. My husband and I both got the Blackberry Pearl 8130. He only uses his just for the sole purpose of phone calls, occasional texts and maybe once or twice a month he will go to the web. He has no problems with his phone. I have several problems since day one with my phone. I have called Verizon and have had so many people there in Tech support try to do things to correct it. The lastest being the update of the 4.5 newer version but I am still having problems.I use my blackberry for everything, calls, texts, email, web, and I use it as a modem for my laptop computer for our business that we have because we travel.  I can't keep going through this, if so it will cost us on the business side. Here are the problems and I wonder if anyone else has experienced this.

1) The battery cover/door will not hook correctly, appears to be a refurbished phone.

2) I can be on a call and another call comes in and the phone just freezes. I loose both calls and have to take battery out just to get phone off to reboot.

3) When using the phone as my modem I am constantly getting disconnected. Today alone I was disconnected over 25 times within an hour or so.

I am frustrated completely. I have done everything that Verizon Tech Support has told me to do and still nothing.

Have anyone had any of these problems and what have you done about it???

Verizon tells me they can't replace my phone because I just became a new customer in April. I have the insurance so I thought about claiming as a Mfg defect but I hate to pay 50.00 for replacement when it isn't my fault.


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   Here's a simple fix: Have you tried using your husband's phone for the business? See if his phone can handle the business and see if your phone fares better if it's being used less.


   The battery cover could easily be fixed with a piece of tape, although it wouldn't be an aesthetically-pleasing remedy.


   If your phone is a lemon, but can at least do what your husband needs it to do, and his phone works properly and does what you need it to do, then you won't have to send anything back to anyone.


  Not the most technical solution, but I'd say it's worth a shot.