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Blackberry Storm 2 (9550) Pairing Issue

This thread has probably been posted before, but if I'm having this problem then it is likely that others are as well.


I have a Blackberry Storm 2 (9550) and I cannot get it to connect to my car's factory-installed bluetooth system. When I try to add the car as a bluetooth device, it recognizes that there is a signal present (it will say "audio device"), but when I try to pair with the audio device it always fails. I have tried rebooting the phone (including battery removal), rebooting the car, and nothing seems to work.


I understand that my phone is not specifically listed as compatible with my vehicle (2007 Dodge Charger), but I have been able to pair other phones (approximately 7 different co-worker and family phones), and most of them were not listed as compatible. In fact, it seems as though this Storm 2 is the only phone that will not pair with it. This is extremely frustrating given the amount of money paid for this phone.


I pay the extra money for a premium phone so that I don't have to deal with these small issues. I expect the technology to be top-notch, and I expect that there would be no connectivity/compatibility issues. I am hoping that there is a solution to this, as I am not even close to qualifying for a phone upgrade, and my wife would hang me if I went out and dropped $500 on a new Droid.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you in advance!

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Re: Blackberry Storm 2 (9550) Pairing Issue

Lets try 4 steps to resolve this issue.



1, Could I get you to power the phone off, remove and replace the battery to do a soft reset on the device.

2. Then could I get you to dial *228 send and option 2 again in your home area to update the PRL.


3. Next could I get you to try un-pairing the device and car then pairing the two again.

4. After you have done this if still unsuccessful we can try a factory reset (after you have backed up your phone)

a. On the Home screen or in a folder, click the Options icon.
b. Click Security Options.
c. Click General Settings.
d. Press the Menu key.
e. Click Wipe Handheld.
f. To delete all third-party applications from your device, select the Include third-party applications check box.
g. Click Continue.
h. Type blackberry.


Re: Blackberry Storm 2 (9550) Pairing Issue



Thank you for your response and your help with this matter.


Unfortunately, both of those procedures ended up being unsuccessful. Are there any more options available, or am I simply out of luck?