Blackberry Storm 2 Password

Help.  I have just activated my BB Storm 2 and it is a great device.  I receive my office emails via a BB enterprise server.  Our office requires a password be entered on the device, if it is inactive for over 1 hour.  On my particular device, each time the screen times out, or I choose to turn it off to save the battery, to turn it on, it again requires the password.  I have already set the device to the maximum 1 hour setting for the password, but it still requires the password each time the screen is turned off or it times out.  Does anyone know of a fix for this?  Thanks.

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Re: Blackberry Storm 2 Password
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The phone should prompt for the password each time.  You might try lengthening the time the screen stays lit or give customer support a call and see if there is a work around.