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I recently dropped my Blackberry Storm and the screen broke. The phone itself still works, i can receive calls and messages but just can't see anything. My contract is not up yet and my upgrade is a while away, and I did not get the insurance. It seems that my only option is to buy another Storm/Storm 2 at retail price. My question is that if i were to buy a Storm 2 online, would i just have to insert the SIM card from the old phone to the new one for it to have the same number and data plan? And then in terms of contacts, pictures, media, etc., just use BBDM to transfer that data from old to new through backup/restore?

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Re: Blackberry Storm Help
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Hi.  I am sorry you dropped your phone.  I can certainly understand how frustrating that can be.   If you buy another phone, you will be able to keep your same phone number and data packages.  When you activate the phone (by *228 option 1 or by logging into your account online) it will automatically recognize your information.


Yes, you are correct.  You can transfer all of your media, pictures and contacts through your Desktop manager by using the backup/restore.



Please let me know if you have any other questions.  :smileywink: