Blackberry Storm Problem since update.

I have two significant problems since the OS upgrade for my storm.


First, I have trouble with the USB connection. When I plug it into the USB port on my computer, its gives me an error that device is unrecognized. I close the error message then the phone itself tells me that there isn' enough power to charge from this source. The phone message also occures with my car charger and wall charger as well. If I unplug it then plug it back in, its works as if the rror did not occur.


Second, any videos I load onto the the storm remain in t he lst of videos on the phone after I delete them. Desktop manager shows the contents of the video folder correctly. But Windows and the phone istelf show the names of the deleted videos. If you click on one of the deleted videos, the phone just displays the first video it comes to that is actually on the phone.


How do I fix these two problems?






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