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Blackberry Storm Signal problem - only at home

I am having a problem keeping a signal on my Blackberry Storm - only at home.   This only started happening when I upgraded the software a couple of weeks ago. 


It all started when it would not keep a charge - it was fine with email, text, etc., but as soon as I would use the phone, the battery would die and lose radio signal.  Based on recommendation from Verizon Tech, I upgraded the software - this made it a little better, but didn't solve the problem.  Then I purchased a new battery.  That solved the charging issue.


But since then, I have a problem with the signal - only at my home.  I have done *228; I have gone to Verizon store and they "reinstalled" everything.  I have called Verizon to find out if there is an issue in my area.  I am not convinced it is a problem with my device, especially since when I'm NOT at home, the signal is fine.  But, find it strange it has just started to happen since I did the software upgrade.  Any help would be appreciated.



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