Blackberry Storm Update 5.0 SMS

I would like to know if anyone has found a way to return the SMS Experience back similar to v4.7.  I am not a fan of the SMS "upgraded" version with conversation.  I have tried every setting I could find and even had the local store look into it.  Unless someone has an idea (or Verizon can make it an option) I will go back to v4.7 if I have to.  The update for me isn't worth it so far.  Below is a quote from the update information.


From the Update info:

SMS Experience

Has been adapted to emulate the chat windows you’re familiar with in popular desktop IM applications. The new Messages list interface threads incoming and outgoing SMS communications as a conversation history, with support for emoticons and contact information from your address book— including pictures.  (When you delete a SMS message it deletes both sent and received)

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Re: Blackberry Storm Update 5.0 SMS

It only deletes all messages in the initial SMS screen. If u want to delete specific messages within a chat, u first need to open the chat u wish to edit. Then touch the message u want to delete, press the menu key, and select delete. Why on Earth would u want to go back to 4.7??? I love the conversation style. On my last phone, I would have to go back and forth between inbox and outbox to review a conversation. How annoying!!!