Blackberry Storm is going in the trash

I am so sick of this phone nothing but freezing up, resets... and if i have to call 911... forget about it... but thats ok im sure the person will still be alive after 10 minutes of the phone firing up. I have done nothing but spend time on the phone trying to resolve the issue and go into our local verizon store... but all they want to to is replace it with another blackberry storm.... so I'm back to square one with the same problems because verizon's solution is give somebody the same phone just a new-er version of it.... AT&T seems to have some promising plans, coverage and good reviews on phones so I think I'm going to check them out tomorrow.

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Re: Blackberry Storm is going in the trash
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Sorry to hear about your frustration.  At first of reading your post, it sounds like it may have been a bad device, but then you stated they replaced your Storm, so that was not the problem.  You did not elaborate much on exactly how your freeze occurs, if it is while running a particular application or something like that.  We here in the forums pride ourselves on trying to help each other with problems.  99% of us here in the forums are every day users like you, and not Verizon employees or reps.  In fact, I am a Registered Nurse, who loves my Tour and loves spending time here in the forums. 

Let us know if we can help before you cancel your contracts or worse than that...throw away a Blackberry.  Further reading of your post, I am not sure if switching to another service provider will make a Storm run any different.  Just like my Vzw Tour is the same as the Sprint Tour, I would be hesitant to buy another Storm if you have problems with one now.  As a consumer, I too compared prices before agreeing to contracts and buying my Tour.  I shopped around and did check out ATT.  Their prices for the same service I had at Alltel were about 30-40 bucks a month more than Verizon.  Also, where I live did not have that great service signal.  This I know because of a sister who has a Blackberry on ATT. 

Anyways, I hope you will give us a try here in the forums.  We are here if you need us.



Re: Blackberry Storm is going in the trash
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Sorry to hear of your problems with the Storm. I have had mine since 8/30 and no real problems to speak of. There are a lot of internal settings you need to learn how to go deep in the Storm to set your personal preferences. Verizon has an 800-922-0204 number, which when you call, you ask for tech, then when they say what is the problem you say Blackberry. You will be routed to a Verizon BB team only person who will tell you how to fix your problem, if not, then they will connect you to a BB tech. This needs to be done during the week if you will need to be sent to a BB tech. Also you must call from another phone other than your BB so they can see what is wrong if anything. Most times it is user error. Hanging up or freezing is usually because there are too many apps open at once..

 I am learning more and more everyday about what settings to put in mine.

Look at Verizon's coverage map on their main web page and they also have an AT&T coverage and at least for Texas, there is no comparison. Good luck and make sure you have the latest OS? ends in 148