Blackberry Storm keeps Freezing.

Hello I got my BB Storm 2 in the end of December last year. It was fine in the beginning. The only problem I have is that it freezes a lot. When I click to fast or if I just start up my camera or an app it just freezes. Also it freezes when I pick up a call or sometimes it just starts to shut down and reboot it self. Please help. Not really sure what to do. I mean if it keeps on happening I will go the tech services. But I figured if I can get some suggestions from people that actually uses the phones first I can skip waiting in line. Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Blackberry Storm keeps Freezing.
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Are you running the Verizon OS? If you are what apps have you recently added? An app you may have added may not be compatible with the 5.0 OS.