Blackberry Storm- keyboard freezes in phone mode....

I had my Blackberry for 5-6 months when it started acting funny; actually not-so-funny.  The keyboard will not respond in phone mode, making it impossible for me to dial out.  I can still use my contact list to make a call, and still receive calls, but the keyboard stops responding, EXCEPT, for the number 0 for some odd reason.   This is the FOURTH time this has happened in the last two months.  The device operates OK for a while (one time it happened within a day of getting my replacement phone) then this occurs.   The Verizon people can't figure it out and simply give me a new device, after doing the battery pull out thing and the hard re-set, to no avail.  I will likely go in and get phone no. 5 later today.  And I did have the most current software (5.0?) at the time.

Any suggestions/recommendations??

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My suggestion to you would be not to load any 3rd party apps on the device for a few days to make sure all is working well.  Then, add apps one at a time, giving your device time in between each addition to watch for any problems.  It is very possible a particular app may have been causing you problems in the past, so go slow when adding apps this time. 



throw it out the window. im so sick of my storm. ever since the update, its gotten worse. The **bleep** music id never works, when im typing in landscape view then put it back to normal, the landscape view will show and then i have to touch the screen so the keyboard from the landscape view goes away. soooooo dumb. Now theres a "thread" for texts, which was good at first but when you text someone over 50 texts in that thread it starts laggin... and you have to delete the whole conversation. can verizon make an update that will not mess up? omg. yall are [edit] me off. this is supposed to be a smart phone but it does the dumbest things. your phone is GARBAGE


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Did you set the phone screen to display the full keyboard in the portrait mode? I went thru 2 STORM 2's until the store rep called a tier 2 tech. He found info on the CRACKBERRY site that if set to lock on the FULL KEY BOARD in portrait mode it screws up the phone pad display. He set in to the factory setting  & it is ok. I guess it is a software glitch.

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Dumb with Dumb don't mix ha ha ha ha, just kidding (your not dumb, until you say the storm isn't) yeah it should not be a smartphone for {those} it should be a dumbphone for {those}? Can't figure it out and give up.. Don't let the ¤machine beat you...