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Blackberry Storm2 - brand new took at Hazlet,NJ Verizon Store - not working since 2nd day!

I bought this nice BB Storm2 GSM Phone from one of the direct Verizon's own stores in Hazlet, NJ (Route 35), because I was in need of making calls from abroad to US and other places on business and personal calls.  The unit was working fine on the 1st day, and while I was traveling on the 2nd day in Paris - it simply stopped working!...

(* I have a small bit of ditsy/bitsy doubt that they gave me an old one...But I am not sure...and now I cannot even prove it to them! - but don't know what to do and get exchange for a brand new - sealed one!

First, I thought the battery must have drained out (although I was suspicious because I just charged fully the day I bought it and I hardly made a few calls only).  

Then, I  took the battery out and  cleaned and waited for some time...3-5 minutes...and then I put it back. It did not make any difference. 

The phone seems to be kind of getting some charge..The screen is trying to light itself showing the bottom buttons as if they are ready to operate...But the screen is completely blank...nothing is coming no matter what button I press...

I tried several time regarding the battery exercise...But still nothing has changes..My cell is just 2 days old..And this high-tech...freaking device is giving me problems.  Now I am traveling all over the places and I don't even have any phone. 

Shame on BB,...Very poor quality! They look pretty ,..but don't deliver real service


Dont know what do do and get help from Verizon. Any body can shed some light...what to do if I am outside the US on a business trip. 

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Re: Blackberry Storm2 - brand new took at Hazlet,NJ Verizon Store - not working since 2nd day!
Sr. Member

Try this, put a small strip of something like a Manila folder cut to battery's thickness so you can get the bat. door back on the back edge of battery and see if that creates enough pressure on bat. to work.  I remember a problem when the S2 first came out that the battery's were a hair to short and kept causing the S2 to reboot.