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Blackberry Storm2 - does ANY scratch void the warranty?

Wondering if someone can help me understand something about Verizon's BB warranty -- specifically for the Storm2.


I recently had an odd interaction with both a local VZW store clerk and a 800# customer service person.   Apparently, Verizon voids your warranty when the BB Storm2 (possibly other phones) get scratched?  When I first heard this, I asked the local store clerk about a dozen clarification questions about the type of scratch -- from a dropped phone to normal wear & tear, like rubbing against keys or change in your pocket, pulling it in & out of a case, etc.  Yes, Yes, Yes -- regardless of how it happens -- any scratch voids the warranty.  That can't be right, we must've completely misunderstood each other.  So, I bought the phone (my Son had his heart set on it).  But, I couldn't get it out of my head, so after looking through all of the documentation that came with the phone, I called VZW customer service..  When I first called customer service, after alot of side-stepping, he confirmed it, so I asked him where I might find the written phone warranty.  He initially referred me to the Verixzon website, and after I told him that the search I just did yielded nothing, he referred me to the RIM website, which also yielded nothing.  So then I asked to talk to a manager.   A pleasant lady introduced herself.  She did not think that just scratching the phone would void the warranty, but she wasn't able to find a written phone warranty either and asked if she could research more and call me back today or tomorrow.


The whole experience was very strange, especially for a company of Verizon's size.  Does anybody know if any scratch does, in fact, void the warranty & where I might find a written copy of Verizon's phone warranty -- specifically one that covers the BB Storm2?


Thanks, Peach

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Re: Blackberry Storm2 - does ANY scratch void the warranty?


I hope it doesn't void the warranty.  How can anyone prevent getting a small scratch.  I'll bet if you asked to see one of their personal phones, you would see a scratch or two.


Re: Blackberry Storm2 - does ANY scratch void the warranty?
Sr. Member

Scratches do not void the warranty. However, the warranty does not cover scratches, among other things, i.e., if you scratch your phone that is not sufficient to get a replacement phone. On the other hand, a cracked LCD display will void the warranty. Apparently therein lies the confusion.


Also, to my knowledge there is no written warranty policy on VZW's web site, but you will find one in the documentation/user guide that comes with the phone.