Blackberry Storm2

Does anyone know how to enable auto answer with bluetooth?

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Re: Blackberry Storm2
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The auto answer feature depends on what type of bluetooth that you have because if it is for a bluetooth headset the option for auto answer will not be on your phone, so what is the make and model of your bluetooth headset? You can also set up the auto answer option for your phone when you are not using your bluetooth by following these steps:

Answer calls automatically when you remove your device from the holster

1. From the Home screen, press the Send key.

 2. Press the Menu key

3. Click Options

4. Click General Options

5. Change the Auto Answer Calls field to Out Of Holster

6. Press the Menu key

7. Click Save.

This can be found in the Blackberry Storm user manual by clicking on this link; page 41

Once I get more information on what type of bluetooth you have, ill be able to further assist you will the auto answer for your headset. In the mean time I hope this was of some use.