Blackberry Storms Junk

I have had this blackberry for almost 2 years and now I am having so many problems with it.  Everytime I call customer service tells me to upgrade.  WHY, why should I pay for another phone?  Shouldn't they be the one's to replace this one first?  First problem; phone freezing up all the time- however this that took 3 trips to the nearest Verzion store which is 50 mins away. Mind you there is always a wait, then customer service makes you feel like it is all a figment of your imagination.  After 3 trips I was given a phone number to call and they replaced my phone.  Not even 2 days later that phone begun with similiar problems.  Customer service did a reset, complete reset over the phone, this wiped everything out.  Now the phone will only ring once, if I am lucky for it to ring at all, when recieving a call, my test messages take several minutes to send and recieve, my blackberry messanger isn't working properly and the only way I can recieve a text is have Blackberry Messanger installed.  CRAZY!!  Yeah like I am going to upgrade or renew.  Verizon customer service is horrible as well as the Blackberry Storm! 

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