Blackberry Tour 9630 camera not working!

I got my Tour back in january of this year. I havent had a single problem with it since. Except the other day i went to open my camera and it wouldnt open. i hit the camera icon, and it brings up a black screen that says: "Could not start the camera. Close other applications and try opening the camera again". This got alot more frustrating when i tried everything including closing ALL applications i had open, numerous battery pulls, resetting my tour, and pressing the side button and camera icon differently. neither worked.

I called the customer service number but it was a very annoying process and i waited 40 minutes to NOT be connected with a verizon wireless consultant.


Super frustrated.


Any advice?

Please dont hesitate to contribute and tips/advice. I use my camera SO much on this phone because i do alot of travelling and this has really been holding me back.



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Re: Blackberry Tour 9630 camera not working!
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Hi, Greg,

Welcome to the forums.  You have a great question and I have seen this come up before.  Your problem, more than likely, is caused by memory problems.  To be exact, not enough memory.  Go to Options>Memory and see how much free memory you have on your SD card.  If you have your pictures by default being stored on your SD card and there is not much room left, it can cause a problem with the camera not working.  The cure is to buy a bigger card.  Also, if your device itself does not have much memory left, it will cause problems.  You can check your device's main memory at Options>Status and see how much is in File Free.  You can free up main memory by deleting apps that you do not use very much.  Anyways, I hope this helps.