Blackberry Tour 9630 is not compatible with family control

I just received my BB Tour this morning and was trying to upgrade another phone on our family plan to Motorola entice mainly for the family control feature to give to my son.

On my 1st call, the rep helped me pick 2 phones to choose from based on compatibility to my plan: Motorola entice,Samsung smooth. Her suggestion was Motorola Entice since the "family control" was already in it and I don't have to subscribe for $9.

On my 2nd call after I made the decision with my husband to go for Motorola entice, I was told that I need to subscribe to the 'family control" for $9 and that the Entice and  the "family control feature" is not compatible with my existing plan. This time the rep suggested the nation wide plan. I hung up to discuss with my husband to confirm my decision.

On my 3rd call the rep tells me, I can't do anything since my new BB Tour that I received today is not compatible with the "family control" feature. All the reps that I spoke were told by me that I need to use the BB TOur to locate the Motorola entice. Did they forget that ? Overall, I consider it poor customer service, since I wasted 3 hours on this. Finally they said I can return my BB TOur since I still had 30 days. Does anybody know if Verizon will add this feature to the BB TOur or Is there a download available for this feature??

Bottom line, I need to get a phone for my son and make use of the family control and user control feature and keep my BB Tour :smileysad: Thanks in advance!!-Riya

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Re: Blackberry Tour 9630 is not compatible with family control
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I do want to apologize for  the many calls that you have made to us about your inquiry about getting family locator. I have researched your issue and I have found that family locator is not an available feature on the blackberry tour. I have although provided a link that will give you a list of all the compatible devices for family locator:

Re: Blackberry Tour 9630 is not compatible with family control
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Hi Riya,  is a deep link which will bring you write to a page which illustrates every phone that can be located.


So to be clear ANY phone can be used to locate a phone, such as your Tour at or from any PC at


Now the challenge is for your child to get a phone which is compatible. The link: will show you the devices you can choose from.


So this is for the Locatee, the family member to be located. They need a specific phone, called out in the magalog as a "feature phone" or 3G multimedia phone when you go into the store.


Then go to a phone and open the Media Center on the store phone they are telling you to get, or which you chose, and then select browse applications,... then select travel & navigation and then select Family Locator Member, if you see it there, you have it and it will work 100% for sure. You can view those steps and print them out at: 


Good luck Riya.