Blackberry Tour text messages

I am having issues with the Tour and text messages.  I can send text to other Blackberry users, however I cannot receive replies to the text messages from blackberry users.  All users are on different providers. Its just not a Verizon thing.  Im thisclose to tossing this POS BB to the curb and getting the Droid...even if I have to pay full price. 


Oh, yes I do use the BBM, however the people I am texting are not very BB savvy and do not use BBM.  I do not have this problem with people not using blackberry products. I can send and receive text from them all day long...its just BB users. 


Ive looked everywhere for a solution, my next step is stopping into a Verizon store.

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Re: Blackberry Tour text messages
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Hi.  I am sorry you are unable to receive text messages for blackberry users and I will be happy to look into it for you.  I do have a couple of questions so we can research this issue a little more.


How long has this issue been going on? 


Did you download any applications or make any updates to your phone before this starting going on? 



Thanks!  Waiting on your response,

Re: Blackberry Tour text messages
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In addition to the information that Kimberly needs, what version of Operating System (OS) on your Tour?  You can check at Options>About and it will be listed there.  The latest Verizon OS is v5.0.0.591 with Platform