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Blackberry Vs. Droid Overseas Usage

I am heading to Afghanistan in a few months.  My wife and I are looking to purchase either the Blackberry or Droid to use for communication while I am over there.  The area that I am going to has minimal communication assets so we are trying to figure something out that we can use that will be fairly cost effective. 


I have heard many things about either device.  I hear that you can use BBM to talk back and forth.  I also heard that you can use Skype on the Droid to talk, and it works pretty much like a regular phone call?


Does anyone have any experience using either of these devices over there or possibly know someone that has had experience.

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Re: Blackberry Vs. Droid Overseas Usage

Blackberry is going to be expensive cuz i was in Europe and i had no less than a 200$ phone bill and I didnt use it all that much but sometimes when i did use it i had a $800 bill. The droid i havent heard that much about it overseas, sorry bro. Good luck..

Re: Blackberry Vs. Droid Overseas Usage

I wasn't actually planning to use the "Voice" portion of the phone.  Primarily the Internet and BBM to talk to folks back home via FaceBook etc.  I figured the voice portion would be stupic expensive.  Thanks for the help.