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Blackberry bold

I switched out my tour for a bold and don't get me wrong Im super happy with my phone...its the service that is offered in the area that I live in. I am 2 miles from a Verizon store and 5 miles from  a pretty good size city(that I have great service in). But as soon as I enter my little town my service is gone I drop calls and break up really bad its very annoying when I am trying to make an important call and they can't hear me that don't go over well at all. All I really want to know is there some way I can boost my signal in my house at least because other wise I think Im going to have to get a different provider.

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Re: Blackberry bold


What kind of signal did you get on your Tour?  You may try updating your PRL by dialing *228 and selecting Option 2.  After about a minute, your PRL will be updated and then pull the battery and allow the phone to reboot.  Then, see if your service is a little better on your Bold.